Peer-reviewed Articles

2020. "Home for fewer people: The demolishment of Sun Palace Farmers’ Market and its long-term effect on lower-skilled population in Beijing." In Wing-Chung Ho and Florence Padovani (eds.). Living at the Margins in and out of Cities. London: Routledge (with Yulin Chen, Yue Yang and Hengyu Liu).

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         [Selected by Wiley to mark The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2017] [link]
         [Selected by Wiley to celebrate World Humanitarian Day 2019] [link]

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        [Winner of Graduate Student Best Paper Prize, China and Inner Asia Council, Association for Asian Studies]

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In Chinese

2020. "Dashilar: Evolution of urban planning in the heart of Beijing." China Studies (Zhongguo yanjiu), (with Haiyu Wang) [權力視角下的胡同變遷史:建國以來的前門大柵欄].

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         [reprinted in Digest of Chinese Journals (Xinhua wenzhai), 2016, 8, 6266]. [download]

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All of my other peer-reviewed publications in Chinese could be found at List of Research Outputs at City University of Hong Kong.

Book Reviews

2020. Review of "Polarized Cities: Portraits of Rich and Poor in Urban China." By Dorothy J. Solinger (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2019). American Journal of Sociology,

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Working Papers

2015. "Dynamics of multidimensional interaction: Beijing upheaval of 1989 revisited." Working Paper, Department of History, University of Oxford (with Rilly Chen)

2008. "Gender imbalance in China." Working Paper, The Stanford Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (with Shannon Davidson and Jennifer Bunnell). [link]

Translated Papers

2013. Translation of "Factional conflict at Beijing University, 1966–1968." By Andrew Walder, Modern China Studies, 20(1), 4779. [download]

2013. Translation of "The transformation of contemporary China studies, 1977–2002." By Andrew Walder, Chinese Studies Abroad, 2, 2041.

2012. Translation of "China’s reforms at thirty." By Andrew Walder, International Review of China Studies, 1, 1019.

2010. Translation of "From control to ownership: China's managerial revolution." By Andrew Walder, Chinese Studies Abroad, 1, 2948. [download]