English Articles

Mao's China

    • 2020. Review of “Agents of Disorder: Inside China's Cultural Revolution.” By Andrew Walder (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2019). Canadian Journal of History 55(3), 313–315. [download]

    • 2019. Review of "Violence, Periodization and Definition of the Cultural Revolution: A Case Study of Two Deaths of the Red Guards." By Joshua Zhang and James D. Wright (Leiden: Brill, 2018). The China Journal 82, 145–147. [download]

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    • 2015. "Rival rebels: The political origins of Guangzhou's mass factions in 1967." Modern China 41(2), 168–196. [download] [Winner of Graduate Student Best Paper Prize, China and Inner Asia Council, Association for Asian Studies]

    • 2013. Review of "Abnormality and Normality: Social Life during the Cultural Revolution in Shanghai (Feichang yu zhengchang: Shanghai wenge shiqi de shehui shenghuo)." By Jin Dalu (Shanghai: Shanghai Cishu Chubanshe, 2011). The China Review 13(1), 175–177. [download]

    • 2011. "A story of Shanghai spaces: From the Maoist to the Dengist era." Global Urban Studies 4, 31–45 (with Hai Yu). [download]

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Contemporary China

    • 2022. Review of "The Wuhan Lockdown." By Guobing Yang (New York: Columbia University Press, 2022). The China Review 22(3), 365367. [download]

    • 2022. Review of "Poverty and Pacification: The Chinese State Abandons the Old Working Class." By Dorothy J. Solinger (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2022). The China Quarterly 250, 590592. [download]

    • 2022. "Situated knowledge and situated action: The rise of Chinese sociology since 1978." Pp. 263–283 in Shiping Hua (ed.). Paradigm Shifts in Chinese Studies. London: Palgrave-Macmillan Press (with Liqun Cao). [download]

    • 2022. "Entrepreneurship education and financing innovation in Asia." Pp. 1–24 in Yong Suk Lee and Fei Yan (eds.). Drivers of Innovation: Entrepreneurship, Education, and Finance in Asia. Stanford, CA: Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (with Yong Suk Lee, Lin William Cong, Charles Eesley, and Charles Lee).

    • 2022. "The rise of Tsinghua University as an entrepreneurial university: Organizational and educational development." Pp. 117–142 in Yong Suk Lee and Fei Yan (eds.). Drivers of Innovation: Entrepreneurship, Education, and Finance in Asia. Stanford, CA: Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (with Zhou Zhong, Chao Zhang, and Jizhen Li)

    • 2021. "Grafting identity: History textbook reform and identity building in contemporary China." Journal of Educational Change 22(2), 175–190 (With Zhou Zhong, Haoning Wang and Qiao Wen). [download]

    • 2021. "A floating dream: Urban upgrading, population control and migrant children’s education in Beijing." Environment and Urbanization 33(1), 11–30 (with Xinyi Zhang and Yulin Chen). [download]

    • 2020. "Home for fewer people: The demolishment of Sun Palace Farmers’ Market and its long-term effect on lower-skilled population in Beijing." Pp. 17–35 in Wing-Chung Ho and Florence Padovani (eds.). Living in the Margins in Mainland China, Hong Kong and India. London: Routledge (with Yulin Chen, Yue Yang and Hengyu Liu). [cover] [download]

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    • 2020. "Searching for red songs: The politics of revolutionary nostalgia in contemporary China." The China Quarterly 242, 508–528 (with Shuanglong Li). [download]

    • 2020. "Better choice, better health? Social integration and health inequality among international migrants in Hangzhou, China." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17(13), 4787 (with Xiaoguang Fan and Wei Yan). [download]

    • 2019. "The long shadow: Social mobility and political participation in urban China, 2006–2012." Social Science Research 81, 106–116 (with Xiaoguang Fan). [download]

    • 2018. "The health consequences of social mobility in contemporary China." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 15(12), 2644 (with Guangye He and Yunsong Chen). [download]

    • 2018. "Urban poverty, economic restructuring, and poverty reduction policy in urban China: Evidence from Shanghai, 1978-2008." Development Policy Review 36(4), 465–481. [download] [Selected by Wiley to mark The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2017] [link] [Selected by Wiley to celebrate World Humanitarian Day 2019] [link]

    • 2015. Review of "Will China Democratize." By Andrew Nathan, Larry Diamond and Marc F. Plattner (eds.) (Baltimore, MA: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013). Political Studies Review 13(3), 462. [download]

    • 2011. Review of "Beyond the Neon Lights: Everyday Shanghai in the Early Twentieth Century." By Lu Hanchao (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1999). Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs 11(1): 186–187. [download]

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    • 2005. "Education problems with urban migratory children in China." Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare 32(3), 3–10. [download]

Social Movements

    • 2021. "Intellectual undercurrents in post-handover Hong Kong: Evidence from cultural elites." St Antony’s International Review 16(2), 22–42. (with Nora Y. Chen). [download]

    • 2019. "Dynamics of multidimensional interaction." Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest 7(2), 76–99 (with Rilly Chen). [download]

    • 2019. Review of "The Contentious Public Sphere: Law, Media, and Authoritarian Rule in China." By Ya-wen Lei (New Jersey, NY: Princeton University Press, 2017). Studies of Transition States and Societies 11(1), 79–80. [download]

    • 2017. Review of "Protest Culture: A Companion." By Kathrin Fahlenbrach, Martin Klimke and Joachim Scharloth (eds.) (New York: Berghahn, 2016). Social History 42(2), 304–305. [download]

    • 2013. "A little spark kindles a great fire? The paradox of China's rising wave of protest." Social Movement Studies 12(3), 342–348. [download]

    • 2013. "Nationalist movements in Korea and Taiwan under Japanese colonialism: Homogeneity and diversity." Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs 13(1), 100–107.[download]

    • 2009. Review of "State and Laid-Off Workers in Reform China: The Silence and Collective Action of the Retrenched." By Cai Yongshun (New York: Routledge, 2006). Asian Journal of Social Science 37(6), 958–959. [download]

Quantitative Historical Sociology

    • 2022. "Searching for the rainbow connection: Regional development and LGBT communities in China." Journal of Contemporary China (with Boyang Zhang, Yuhan You, Guangye He, and Senhu Wang).

    • 2021. "Literary destination familiarity and inbound tourism: Evidence from China." Journal of Social Computing 2(2), 193–206 (with Guodong Ju, Jiankun Liu, Guangye He, and Xinyi Zhang). [download]

    • 2020. "The Werther effect revisited: Do suicides in books predict actual suicides?" Poetics 81, 101441 (with Yunsong Chen, Guangye He and Wei Yan). [download]

    • 2018. "International visibility as determinants of foreign direct investment: An empirical study of Chinese provinces." Social Science Research 76, 23–39 (with Yunsong Chen). [download]

    • 2017. "Local name, global fame: The international visibility of Chinese cities in modern times." Urban Studies 54(11), 2652–2668 (with Yunsong Chen and Yi Zhang). [blog] [download]

    • 2016. "Centuries of sociology in millions of books." The Sociological Review 64(4), 872–893 (with Yunsong Chen). [blog] [download]

    • 2016. "Economic performance and public concerns about social class in twentieth-century books." Social Science Research 59, 37–51 (with Yunsong Chen). [download]

Chinese Articles

    • 2022. "The cultural interpretation of historical sociology." Seeker (Qiusuo) 6, 31–37 [歷史社會學的文化闡釋與意義構築]. [download]

    • 2022. "The roots, development and regional implications of the Rohingya issue." South Asian Studies (Nanya yanjiu) 3, 89–105 (with Xuhan Shen) [羅興亞人問題的緣起、發展與地區影響]. [download]

    • 2022. "The nearby: A methodological reflection." Exploration and Free Views (Tansuo yu zhengming) 4, 141–149 [以「附近」為方法:重識我們的世界]. [download]

    • 2022. "Post-2000 generation migrant workers in China: A case study." Social Sciences in Guangdong (Guangdong shehui kexue) 3, 224–234 [何處容身?「00後」農民工主體性建構的個案分析]. [download]

    • 2022. "Narrative vs. mechanism: Critical reflections on the historical sociology." Journal of Nanjing University (Nanjing daxue xuebao) 2, 131–137 [歷史社會學與歷史敘事和機製分析的反思]. [download]

    • 2022. "Migrant children's education under population control policies: A case of Beijing." The Twenty-First Century (Ershiyi shiji) 189, 17–28 [城市人口調控與流動兒童教育問題:以北京為例]. [download]

    • 2021. "Social changes in contemporary China (1978–2020)." Seeker (Qiusuo), 6, 96–103 [分化與流動:我國社會結構與社會心態變遷(1978-2020)]. [download]

    • 2021. "Event and process in historical analysis." Sociological Review of China (Shehuixue pinglun) 9(4), 120–137 [歷史圖景的過程事件分析]. [download]

    • 2021. "Governing rumors: The politics of 'Water Spirit Hairy Man' in Wuwei county, Anhui province (1953–54)." Open Times (Kaifang shidai) 2, 179–198 (with Kaixin Zhao, Junjie Li, and Jinxuan He) [平謠術:安徽省無為縣"水鬼毛人"謠言治理(1953–1954)研究]. [download]

    • 2021. "Dashilar: Evolution of urban planning in the heart of Beijing." China Studies (Zhongguo yanjiu) 26, 90111 (with Haiyu Wang) [權力視角下的胡同變遷史:建國以來的前門大柵欄]. [download]

    • 2021. "Historical sociology and social history: Contrasts and complementarities in the Chinese context." Journal of Southeast University (Philosophy and Social Science) (Dongnan daxue xuebao) 23(1), 102–110 (with Yuqing Zhu) [歷史社會學與社會史研究:學科邊界與學科交叉的探索]. [download]

    • 2021. "Values and social attitudes among social media professionals in the digital era." Journal of the Central Institute of Socialism (Zhongyang shehui zhuyi xueyuan xuebao) 1, 154–166 (with Yuqing Zhu and Buqun Li) [數字時代下新媒體人士的社會態度與價值觀]. [download]

    • 2020. "Rural autonomy and rural revitalization: Constructing a new pattern of social governance." Nanjing Journal of Social Sciences (Nanjing shehui kexue) 11, 55–61 [構建鄉村基層自治與鄉村振興戰略相結合的社會治理新格局]. [download]

    • 2020. "Social classes and social stratification in Korea." Foreign Theoretical Trends (Guowai lilun dongtai) 4, 158–166 (with Ariha Choi) [韓國社會階層分化的特點及趨勢]. [download]

    • 2019. "The rise of the era of the single ladies." Dushu 12, 76–84 [單身女性的時代是如何誕生的]. [download]

    • 2019. "The fourth wave of historical sociology: Issues and trends." Social Sciences in Guangdong (Guangdong shehui kexue) 3, 174–181 [歷史社會學的第四波思潮:議題與趨勢]. [download]

    • 2019. "Spatial governance and social integration." Dushu 2, 20–31 (with Isabelle Thireau, Yingfang Chen, Yimin Zhao, and Yulin Chen) [城市空間結構與社會融合]. [download]

    • 2018. "Historical sociology in China: Revolution, state governance, and reproduction in education." Academia Bimestris (Xuehai) 3, 35–43 (with Fengyou Zeng) [歷史社會學的本土自覺:革命、國家治理與教育再生產]. [download]

    • 2018. "On violence: These violent delights have violent ends." Dushu 7, 84–93 [暴力的歡愉,終將導致暴力的結局]. [download]

    • 2018. "One country, two welfare systems: Healthcare in Hong Kong and lessons for Mainland China." Social Policy Research (Shehui zhengce yanjiu) 10, 47–58 (with Yuqing Zhu) [我國香港地區的醫療保障體系及其對內地的啟示]. [download]

    • 2017. "History, sociology, and historical sociology." Tsinghua Sociological Review (Tsinghua shehuixue pinglun) 8, 5–14 [歷史,社會與歷史社會學]. [download]

    • 2017. "Does online sentiment predict stock market indices? The ARDL bounds tests based on Sina-microblog data." Chinese Journal of Sociology (Shehui) 37(2), 51–73 (with Yunsong Chen) [網絡輿情是否影響股市行情?基於新浪微博大數據的ARDL模型邊限分析]. [download]

    • 2017. "The historical turn in Hong Kong." The Twenty-First Century (Ershiyi shiji) 161, 124–131 [歷史轉折中的香港]. [download]

    • 2016. "Building cultural China in big data: Empirical cases and practices." Academic Forum (Xueshu luntan) 305, 89–96 (with Yunsong Chen and Yi Zhang) [「大數據」的文化建設戰略價值:案例和實踐]. [download]

    • 2016. "Collective violence within political movements." The Twenty-First Century (Ershiyi shiji) 155, 61–75 [政治運動中的集體暴力]. [download]

    • 2015. "World cultural heritage in China: The international visibility in 500 years in big data." Academic Forum (Xueshu luntan) 299, 92–98 (with Yunsong Chen and Yan Sun) [大數據中的中國世界文化遺產:500年國際知名度分析]. [download]

    • 2015. "From coercive repression to soft maintaining: The social organizational basis of authoritarian stability in China." Asian Studies (Hong Kong), 70, 19–40 (with Jun Han) [從「剛性維穩」到「柔性維穩」:中國韌性威權的社會組織基礎]. [download]

    • 2015. "The institutional causes of Hong Kong’s new poor." The Twenty-First Century (Ershiyi shiji) 147, 131–140 [香港的新貧階層及其制度性根源]. [download]

    • 2013. "Hong Kong, a divided society?" The Twenty-First Century (Ershiyi shiji) 140, 120–124 [香港:這是一個撕裂的社會嗎]. [download]

    • 2013. "Demystifying British colonial governance of Hong Kong." The Twenty-First Century (Ershiyi shiji) 137, 122–129 [殖民管治香港的要義]. [download]

    • 2011. "A mainlandized Hong Kong, or a democratized China: The political development in Hong Kong and its impact on China." The Twenty-First Century (Ershiyi shiji) 128, 15–22 [香港大陸化,還是大陸民主化]. [download]

    • 2008. "The state versus market debate: The practice of Hong Kong." Teahouse for Sociologists (Shehuixuejia chazuo) 25, 29–33 [政府幹預vs放任市場:香港的實踐]. [download]

My earlier peer-reviewed Chinese publications could be found at List of Research Outputs at City University of Hong Kong.

Translated Papers

    • 2013. Translation of "Factional conflict at Beijing University, 1966–1968." By Andrew Walder, Modern China Studies 20(1), 47–79. [download]

    • 2013. Translation of "The transformation of contemporary China studies, 1977–2002." By Andrew Walder, Chinese Studies Abroad 2, 20–41.

    • 2012. Translation of "China’s reforms at thirty." By Andrew Walder, International Review of China Studies 1, 10–19.

    • 2010. Translation of "From control to ownership: China's managerial revolution." By Andrew Walder, Chinese Studies Abroad 1, 29–48. [download]

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